The Five Borough Report Archives


November 2002 Issue 12

- The Housing Data Deficit: Why NYC Needs a Housing Census

- Mothers’ Work: Single Mothers’ Employment, Earnings, and Poverty in the Age of Welfare Reform


July 2002 Issue 11


- Housing Roundtable Review: Roundtable Urges Government Action for Construction and Preservation of Affordable Housing

- Rebuilding New York: The Environmental Imperative 

April 2002 Issue 10

- Beyond the Pataki-Rivera "Health Care First" Package By Robb Burlage
- NY State General Fund Expenditures
- New York City's Birth and Death Rates Decline as Population Rises

March 2002 Issue 9

- Five Borough Institute Policy Roundtables
- Building Railcars in New York by Robert E. Paaswell
- A High End Apparel Industry for New York City by Nelson Fraiman and Carolyn Paris
- Union Membership and Employment in New York State, 1988 and 1998
-Persons Under 65 Years of Age Without Healthcare Coverage, U.S. and New York State: -Selected Years 1987-99

February 2002 Issue 9

-The Mayor’s Greatest Legacy by Robert Fitch
-Where is the Money? by George Locker
-Dialogue on Manufacturing in the City by the Five Borough Institute
-NYC Tax Revenue Projections
-Race and Ethnicity by Borough, 1990 and 2000

January 2001 Issue 7

- Notes on Rebuilding New York, by Joshua Freeman
- Real Welfare Reform: in Good Times and Bad, by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg and Sheila D. Collins 
- Rebuilding and Recovery, by Jeff Faux and Heather Boushey 
- Battle on Poverty Being Lost, by Sumner Rosen
- Unemployment in NYC




November 2001 Issue 6

- Who Pays for the Damage?, by George Locker 
- A New Phase in Lower Manhattan, by Saskia Sassen
- Working Class Heroes, by Joshua Freeman 
- Healthy Rebuilding for All, by Robb Burlage
- Economics Impact of WTC Disaster: Job Loss 
- Economics Impact of WTC Disaster: Output Loss 


October 2001 Issue 5

Rebuild Our City Forum
- Introduction 
- Responding to the Crisis, Presented by the Five Borough Institute 
- Fifty Thousand Jobs, Now!, by Mark Levitan 
- Our City Will Change, by Peter Marcuse 
- What We Learned, by Jeff Faux 
- Union Strong, by Jeff Grabelsky 
- It's Time for a New Deal, by George Locker




September 2001 Issue 4

Mayoral Issue Forum
- The Mayoral Election and the City's Future, by Sumner Rosen 
- Solving NYC's Housing Problem: How the Candidates  Would Do It, by George Locker
- What to Do About Public Education: the Candidates for Mayor Speak, by Leonard Mel
- The Mayoral Candidates on Economic Development and Jobs, by Leonard Rodberg 
- Region at a Glance: Payrolls


July 2001 Issue 3

- Rebuild the Port of New York, by Jerrold Nadler
- Region at a Glance: NYC Jobs by Type




June 2001 Issue 2

- City Job Market Tight for Teens 
- Response to Last Issue: Three Views on Housing
- Region at a Glance: Youth Labor Force Participation Rate Lags Nation


April 2001 Issue 1

- Issue 1 (PDF)
- Build Housing, by George Locker (HTML)






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